Our High Performance 60 DVD series 
is now Online!
Director of Athletic Performance Christian Woodford and Head Performance Coach Jay Ellis have packed 180 minutes of high level content into this 3x Disc DVD series that's been sold in over 8 countries!

Learn the science, art and PROVEN WSSC training systems behind creating bigger, stronger, faster and more efficient athletes. 
Hard Copy: $49.95; Online Access: $39.95
DVD #1: 
Mobility | SMR 
| Activation
Disc 1: Mobility | SMR | Activation
  •  Mobility: Improving flexibility, mobility and stability 
  •  SMR: (Self myofascial release) learn the techniques used to decrease fascial tension prior to lifting to improve ROM, neural efficiency and overall lifting performance
  •  Activation: Switch on prime movers through all their roles in order to integrate their peak potential during your compound movements. This is also key in switching on dormant muscle groups.  
Preparation Dictates Performance
DVD #2: Power | Speed
Disc 2: Power | Speed
  •  Power: Learn the WSSC methods to improving an athletes' explosive ability through all planes of movement. 
  •  Speed: Learn WSSC Coaching technique, cues and exercises to improve an athletes acceleration and top end speed.
Your muscles are only as good as the nerves which innovate them
DVD #3: Strength
Disc 3: Strength
  •  Strength: The most vital physical attribute - the attribute which underpins all others. Improve your strength, and you'll improve all other qualities (until a certain extent). Learn the WSSC methods for improving athletes' transferable strength. 
Strength facilitates all bio-motor qualities (power, speed, agility)
We also have the Junior Athlete Development DVD Online!
Learn the Science behind Junior Athlete Development, featuring the #1 selection in the 2016 AFL Draft, Andrew McGrath!
Put both DVD's in a combo and receive a discount. With over 4 hours worth of high level WSSC content this is the most valuable offer in our Online DVD's!
Coming Soon...

The High Performance 30 DVD...

Going a level deeper than the HP60, offering more advanced exercises and progressions. 

Hard copies sold out within a week for this highly anticipated DVD!

Gain your access early 2019. 
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